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The Tadoba tiger trails reserve showcases one of India's finest wildlife viewing experiences. The reserve is spread across 1725 square kilometers. The reserves of home to 115 tigers and 151 leopards with a diverse variety of wildlife and 280 bird species. The tiger reserve is one of the most exciting and best protected and has more visible tiger sightings than any other tiger reserve in the country. The tiger trails jungle lodge is your best bet if you want to immerse yourself in the great Wilderness of the Tadoba tiger reserve.

Nestled in the remote western parts of Tadoba, there are no other lodges here, and you can just barely see other vehicles. It makes for a fantastic game viewing experience that features ultimate exclusivity.

Located in one of the most remote and beautiful corners of the Tadoba tiger reserve, one of the biggest secrets here is that this part of the park has minimum crowd and vehicles. You can enjoy your private Tadoba if you are a wildlife love Arora nature enthusiast.

Amazing Carnivore Density

The western boundary of the Tadoba is ideally known for its maximum prey density featuring a carnivore density of 5.23 tigers and 6.86 leopards every 100 sq. km. There are several opportunities here to see the big carnivores.

Visit the largest lake in Tadoba

Irai lake is one of the most celebrated lakes of Tadoba. It lies in the South of the lodge. You can enjoy bird-watching activities near the lake and take photos of large mammals, including Gaur and sambar. You can also watch some exciting carnivores, including tigers and wild dogs.