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You can wake up to the sound of the jungle stream when you choose to stay at mahua tola Tadoba. Once you are out of bed, you can sit in some fresh tree while soaking the views of the bamboo forest. After a long day on safari, you can spend a relaxing night on the machan and waged in the morning to watch the tiger hit the water streams. Beyond stay is one of the best boutique jungle resorts featuring architecture inspired by the stunning mud houses where the locals live. You can expect an ethnic luxurious state with a lot of adventure activities.

It is nestled near the famous kolara gate of the Tadoba National Park, and you can visit there easily. A seasonal river also is located around the resort, which is spread across 7.5 acres. Irrespective of what type of wildlife enthusiast you are, the resort has cottages rooms, a family suit, and a suit. After your wildlife safari, you can relax in the alternative, go for a nice walk by the river and enjoy bird watching through a dense forest. If you are curious about wildlife, you can visit the library book collection and learn everything about nature. You can have a great dinner date by the river or relax in the middle of the jungle.

The property also features a stream of water besides artificial water bodies that perfectly blend with the surroundings, so your trip will be worthwhile. You would indeed be spellbound by nature all around.

Rooms Available

The rooms are comfortable and clash with lavish interiors, large windows, and all the modern amenities, including a mini bar, AC, coffee maker, tea maker, TV, and housekeeping services.

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3. Super deluxe cottages
4. Family suite
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